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Alias, the series finale…

Waaaaaaaaaa- I watched the series finale of Alias today, and I really don’t know how to handle this. This is a long ramble about my relationship to this TV show, so it’s not even remotely interesting, but I really feel like I have to write about it.
I used to be so utterly obsessed with this show during its first two seasons. Back then, I was in high school, living in Paris, and everything was so different from what my life is right now. The feeling –it’s so funny, and I almost can’t describe it– that I’ve been growing up with this show. I could say the same for ER as well.
When the third season began and everything had changed, I just stopped watching. I didn’t give a rat’s arse because I was just not interested. I watched the second half of the season (the one where Lauren and Sark are eeeeevil, and I kinda liked it) without really caring. Fourth season went the same way. I watched without any real interest. I do have recollections of us watching it in high school, on Merry’s computer. Ha, I guess we were just desperate ! But it just wasn’t the same anymore. Can you honestly say you remember
the whole Nightingale storyline, and what was its purpose ? Yeah, well neither can I. I felt like all the plotlines just kept dragging on.
And then, a few weeks ago, my sister brought the DVDs of those two seasons (the third and fourth one) and that was it. It was back on track, man. I loved these episodes, no matter how insane and unbelievable the plots were. No matter how bad I wanted Lauren to be killed, or how irritating Sloane’s endless obsession with Rambaldi was. All of this, the entire storyline, didn’t make much sense –but it was fun, and sad, and full of suspense and emotions. In one word, it was just GREAT. It was great to see Marshall talking about Little Mitchell. It was the greatest to see Vaughn saying to Lauren, “
I hate you. But I love Sydney more. That’s the only reason you’re not dying tonight. ” (God that was good). It was great to see the ol’ team back at APO, great to see Nadia trying to reconcile her family, great to see Irina come back. Okay, the zombies weren’t so great, but you gotta have a catchy season finale.
My point is, I just fuckin’ love this show.
And this last season, the fifth one, made me realise how much so. Having watched the recent Alias episodes, Vaughn-less and all, I have to say the last episode hit me pretty hard, more than the others, because it reminded me of how much I adored this show. It’s all so confusing and painful. The first episodes were completely out of pace, out of everything (All-time Worst Idea© : “
For starters, my name isn’t Michael Vaughn“), Syd being pregnant thus inactive; without mentioning Vaughn, Nadia, Weiss and Sloane’s (relative) absence, and the addition of new, kinda boring castmembers. If it weren’t for SpyDaddy, I don’t think I would have kept watching the show. And for Syd, of course. God did Syd made me BAWL every fuckin’ episode. It was even worse than the third season, when she was all lonely and Vaughn didn’t even want to have a coffee with her. I mean, Vaughn wasn’t here at all. But then he came back, and things were just as good as ever.
Man, I have to say, I really disagree with all the fans bitching about how Michael Vartan is supposedly not happy to be back in the show for the last episodes. First of all, he’s only back because everyone asked for it. Secondly, I think he looked fairly happy, if not way more, especially in
one of the best scenes ever. My God, that scene just killed me. My heart just MELTED right there. It was all worth it, putting up with all the Rambaldi nonsense, just for this. As Erin would say, Vartan and Garner just rocked this scene. I can remember her saying about one scene, “Vartan and Garner are terrific actors here, because how damn awkward must that be for him to have his hand on his ex-girlfriend’s pregnant belly? But their scenes together are totally natural and lovely”, and I was just screaming outloud “SO TRUE!”.
Erin. The master of us all when it comes down to all things Alias.
Anyway, back on the topic… the series finale. It hurt badly. But in a good way. As always when things come to an end. Feelings are pretty bittersweet. General thoughts (spoilers ahead) :
* SpyDaddy. We’ll mourn you forever. “You beat death, Arvin, but you couldn’t beat me” was the best final line ever. And those last words to Syd, it was just overwhelming. Spy…Daddy… Sniff. Sniff. Sniff. We’ll miss you so badly.
* Sloane. Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh, and farewell Nadia, we’ll miss you, too !
* So what exactly was Rambladi’s endgame ? Immortality, and… ? … ??
* Irina. Gee, how come you’ve become so EVIL ? It was…weird. I would even say a bit out of character because she was more like a cunning bad-ass than a genuinely evil person. But, yeah, they needed to tie up all the loose ends, so it’s understandable.
* Way to go, Sark — “Did it have to be so filthy? I mean, really, if Rambaldi can prophesize the future, he might have advised me not to wear $500 shoes”. Hee hee. We love you, Julian. SPIN-OFF plzthx.
* Happy!Bristow/Vaughn family. Finally ! And so very satisfying.
* How wicked were the opening credits ? I mean, when I saw “special guest star, Lena Olin, Michael Vartan, David Anders, Mia Maestro, Merrin Dungey”, I was flooded with happiness.
In other words, thank you so much to all the twisted minds associated with this show. You tortured our characters for a long time, and it was all fuckin’ crazy, but fun, and that’s all that matters in the end. I’m getting really emotional over incredibly small matters (such as this). I’ll end this message with a brillant video, which is a tribute to the cast and crew of Alias. Thanks so much, guys, and see you on Lost (hee!).

Last thing, OMG Sark is actually American. I mean, David Anders is. This is the end of a myth, folks.

Alias moments

I just spent two hours writing a top 10 of my favorite Alias episodes, but I actually realised that what made the TV show so appealling was the relationship between our two favorite spies, Syd and Vaughn. So I’ll just do a top 10 of their best moments -because let’s be honest, it’s all we care about (I mean, not, because Spy Daddy, Marshall and Irina are amazing characters, but still). Haven’t seen season 5 yet, but considering how it began, I don’t really wanna think about it.
The text is taken from the amazing recaps at
Thumbnails are taken from
Alias Media.

1. “Phase One” (Season 2, Episode 13)

The quintessential Syd/Vaughn moment.

Y’all. I seriously don’t know if I can even write about this. I’ve already watched The Kiss about seven times now. Just The Kiss alone, mind you, not the entire episode. Every time I watch it, it just makes me all goopy inside. And I am NOT a goopy person. It’s just…sigh…
Okay. So. [Back at SD-6], Vaughn rips off his clothes — I mean, “mask”! — and surveys the damage. It’s a wreck in there. Syd also looks around the room. Then Vaughn sees Syd across the room, their eyes lock in on each other, the rest of the room disappears, and Syd looks like she’s going to pass out if she doesn’t hold him in her arms, like, now. The looks of love and relief on both their faces are almost enough to start me bawling.
But after they make their way across the room and throw themselves into each others arms, I am well and truly lost. It’s such an intense and emotional kiss that, really, there is very little comparison. I mean, come on! It’s THE KISS. Sigh. Gulp. Swoon. It’s the best kiss ever. BEST. KISS. EVER.
And yeah, the camera swirling around them is pretty goddamn cheesy, but it’s such good cheese that I actually pulled up a cushion and some crackers and parked my ass two inches from my television in order to better enjoy the cheesy goodness.
They keep kissing. And kissing. And kissing some more. And my new best friend Agent Sean shows up and goes, “Hey, guys! I just talked to base! We did it! We kicked their asses!” And there’s more kissing. Agent Sean’s all, dudes? Asses? Kicking? And the kissing never stops. Agent Sean gives up trying to get their attention and leaves them to it.

And that’s it, really.

2. “A Broken Heart” (Season 1, Episode 4)

A sweet and sad moment at the very beginning of their relationship.

Pier. Sydney, crying, saying that she’s sorry, but she didn’t know who else to call. Ohmigod — it’s Vaughn! Whoa, I really wasn’t expecting that. Although it does make sense, because who else can she call? […] Jennifer Garner sounds like she’s really crying here, not that pretty-pretty-fakey crying some actors do. It’s snotty-sounding, it’s slobbery, and it’s messy. Her beeper goes off, and she tosses it in the ocean. Vaughn points that out. She half-laughs, half-sobs. Vaughn wrinkles his pretty, pretty forehead and tosses her some pretty, pretty words of comfort. […] Wow, what a great speech. If by “great speech” you mean “disjointed and nonsensical speech.” She grabs his hand. They stand that way, holding hands from about four feet apart.

3. “Crossings” (Season 3, Episode 12)

Syd and Vaughn ‘reunite’ despite his being married to Moronen — I mean, Lauren. It’s touching and awful at the same time.

Vaughn declares they’re not going to make it out alive. […] “There’s something I need you to know,” breathes Vaughn. Syd stops fiddling with her handcuffs. “Vaughn,” she breathes back. “In my life,” he says, “there is only one person –” “Don’t do this,” she says. “Look at me,” he pleads. They continue this way, Vaughn trying to open up his heart in this, his possibly final moment, and Syd trying to STOP him from just fucking saying, “I love you.” God.
He keeps trying to speak. She keeps trying to shut him up. As with the apology thing, Syd: NEVER INTERRUPT THEM WHEN THEY’RE TRYING TO SAY “I LOVE YOU.” NEVER. There’s a sound in the distance. Looks like the guards are coming. Syd’s distracted. Vaughn finally pulls her around and says, “Sydney.” “I know, Vaughn,” she says, prohibiting him from even saying the words. “I know.” Then she leans forward and whispers in his ear, “We’ll find each other. We always do.” […] She kisses him on the cheek, and they quickly move into a very passionate and emotional kiss.
Too bad the guards show up to bring it to an end.

4. “Search and Rescue” (Season 4, Episode 21). Yes, again…

Vaughn finally pops the question.

“I had it all planned out,” he says. “I was gonna take you to the beach. Santa Barbara. We’d go out for a walk, maybe when the sun was setting…but now we’re here and I don’t know what we’re jumping into and I may never get another chance to do this again.” Way to be romantic, Agent Amorous. “We may die in a few minutes, so, wanna get hitched?” I’m being mean. It’s actually really sweet. Sorry. To continue.
“Sometimes I wake up before you do,” he says, “and I watch you sleep.” Stalker. Sorry. Mean again. I really have to stop that. “And I’m overwhelmed because, you’re so amazing,” he says. “And I don’t know why I’m lucky enough to have you in my life. But you’re here with me. And I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you, trying to make you as happy as you’ve made me.” “My God, Vaughn,” says Syd, almost laughing/crying. He pulls out the ring and shows it to her. “Sydney Bristow, will you marry me?” Ha! She launches herself at him and they totally make out right in front of her entire family. Hee. “We’re gonna make it out of here,” says Syd. “Is that a yes?” asks Vaughn. Heh. Boy wants an answer! She just kisses him again. “Ask me on the beach,” she says. Instead of smacking her around and going, “IS THAT A YES OR A NO?” Vaughn just smiles happily at her.

5. “Welcome to Liberty Village” (Season 4, Episode 5)

Syd and Vaughn are neither ‘cold’, nor ‘boring’. Well, here’s the proof.

Syd says their best bet is to remain undercover. Then she calls him over to her so she can attend to the wound on his head. If by “attend” you mean “kissing him all over his neck and then making out with him as if he has a piece of Kobe beef in his mout
h and she hasn’t eaten for weeks.” They quickly move from making out on the edge of the tub to being buck nekkid in the shower. As they’re kissing, Syd pulls back and says, “The story you told at the dealership — we were supposed to go to Santa Barbara three years ago and we never made it.” “Karen and Dave did,” says Vaughn, and they go back to kissing beneath the shower spray. Aw.

6. “Double Agent” (Season 2, Episode 14)

Spy Sex ! And Francinator is watching !

Ovary Electric Kitchen. Syd takes a sip of wine and puts the glass down, smiling. The camera pans across, and we get a shot of Vaughn watching her with the most intensely hot expression I’ve ever seen. Even his forehead wrinkles are getting me hot and bothered. […] Then she opens the stove to check on what’s inside and Vaughn can’t stand it anymore. His hand grabs her arm and pulls her up. They start kissing, his hands at her waist, his lower lip reaching out for more sugar. “You’re so beautiful,” he breathes. “Dinner’s ready,” she smiles. “We do have an oven,” he says, obviously not concerned with the garlic bread that’s burning. “We can reheat.” Awww YEAH you can! They smile at each other, start kissing again, and Syd karate-kicks the oven door closed.

Bedroom Of Bad Lighting. Syd and Vaughn lie back on the bed, their faces in silhouette. What’d I say about silhouette? Huh? What’d I say? They continue to kiss, her hand running down his back. […]
They kiss again as he pulls off her tank top and puts his hand in her hair. He pushes her back down on the bed, and we see the reflection of them gettin’ it awwwwn in her TV screen. Before we’re treated to the view of a pantsless Vaughn, we zero in on that spot where Francinator was fucking around earlier in the show. Could there be a CAMERA in there? Sure enough, we switch to a view of Syd and Vaughn gettin’ it awwwwn on a black-and-white monitor. And who should be watching the Spy Sex but Francinator herself. Ew. And more ew. And just for good measure, EW!

7. “The Counteragent” (Season 2, Episode 7)

Loads of Syd and Vaughn moments in this episode -because she’s saved him for the hundredth time, but there’s a particularly great angsty one at the end.

Vaughn escapes to the main ops center. Syd’s waiting for him. There’s such a look of love and relief on both their faces that it’s all I can do to keep myself from screaming, “KISS HER! KISS HIM! SOMEBODY KISS SOMEBODY!” Syd approaches Vaughn and just says, “Hi.” Sheryl Crow’s singing about how she shall believe as Vaughn just returns the greeting and they hug. Syd starts to cry, and their hug is so tight that I’m surprised Syd doesn’t actually physically MELT into Vaughn’s body.
Vaughn quietly thanks her, and Syd sort of realizes the inappropriateness of their hug and steps back. As they look at each other kind of uncomfortably, we hear the lyric, “Not everything is gonna be the way you think it oughta be.” […] Vaughn mentions that he heard Syd met Alice. Syd’s all, yeah, she seemed nice. Vaughn’s all, yeah, yeah, she is. We have a lot of history and we’re trying to blah blah blah sorry I can’t be with you Syd but I’m a chickenshit cakes. Syd’s all, please, don’t explain. Vaughn’s all, no, but, like, if things were the other way around…Syd’s all, dude? PLEASE DON’T EXPLAIN. Because, really, hearing it out loud isn’t going to make me feel ANY better, my friend.
Syd says that she’ll see him tomorrow and walks off, the heartbreak clearly evident on her face. Vaughn watches her as Kendall walks up and starts blabbling on about how Jack briefed him on whatever the hell. Vaughn totally ignores him and just gets the most adorable “I’m making a decision that could affect the rest of my life here so, like, could you excuse me, dude?” look on his face. “Excuse me,” he says to Kendall, and walks after Sydney. He starts smiling with the excitement that he’s making a huge gesture here and he couldn’t be happier. He’s right on Syd’s trail as he comes around the corner. But she’s disappeared. Instead of sobbing out loud like I would have, or, ya know, CONTINUING ON OUT OF THE DAMN BUILDING IN PURSUIT BECAUSE HOW FAR COULD SHE HAVE GONE, Vaughn just stands there, a slightly sad smile twisting his lips.
Well, it would appear that all of Sheryl Crow’s warblings didn’t do a DAMN BIT OF GOOD.
Vaughn. What a lovesick TOOL.

8. “Search and Rescue” (Season 4, Episode 21)

One of the best dialogues…ever.

Vaughn and Syd enter and they’re all sexy and swingy and flirty. Vaughn spies Jonski at the bar and then asks Syd how they want to play this. “You wanna be rough or you want me to be rough?” she asks. “Oh, you’re always rough,” he says. “No, I’m not!” she says, giggling. “Oh, yes you are!” he says back. “That’s not true!” she giggles. “Yes it is,” he says. “Are you talking about at home or on the ops?” she asks, suddenly concerned. “Both,” he says, smiling. She gives him this look like, duuuuuude! “Hey, I’m not complaining,” he sexes up at her. Heh. “If I’m rough, it’s because you like it when I’m –” All of a sudden, Sydney stops and looks around. “Are we on comms?” Beep! “Yes,” snits Jack, “you’re both. On comms. Right now.” HEEEEEEEEEE. Oh, man. OH, MAN. […]
Syd laughs out loud and then puts her hand over her mouth and Vaughn’s expression is all, oh, yeah, we just totally talked about our rough sex IN FRONT OF YOUR FATHER, ha!

9. “Page 47” (Season 1, Episode 15)

Vaughn is seriously fancying Syd, and a tad jealous when learning that Syd is taking Will to dinner.

Vaughn looks longingly at Syd’s bare shoulders and tells her that if she can make the switch, great. If not, is she available later for a little friendly game of Othello? Whocka-whocka. “So, you’re taking Will?” Sergeant Snoopy asks, like it’s any of his fucking business. “Yeah,” says Syd. “Well,” says Vaughn, playing pocket pool, “you look really pretty.” Syd thanks him and makes a mental note to sport head-to-toe Teflon armor the next time she meets with Special Agent Sex Monster.

10. “Time Will Tell” (Season 1, Episode 8)

The good ol’ times : Vaughn trying to flirt with Syd, with the help of a…lie-detector machine. Way to go, Spy Boy !

Vaughn says she can do this, and asks her a question. She lies, and the gauge stays under thirty. Then he asks her if she’s romantically interested in anyone. She gives him a “Who are you kidding?” look. Vaughn shrugs and says, “It could be a question.” Sydney says clearly that she’s not. The gauge shoots up to fifty-six. Vaughn murmurs, “Interesting.” Sydney tells him to ask her that again. He says he does
n’t have to, since they have an answer right there.

Ah, those two. I swear they’re killing me. There are tons of other very good Syd/Vaughn moments, but these ones are just making me downright happy. Siiigh.

Cannes photopost, part 1

The Cannes Film Festival photopost, part 1

Credit first ! Empire Online, Yahoo!Movies, MSNBC Entertainement, MSN Movies. Check out their Cannes blog, because there’s loads of funny stories and some pretty smart insights on the different movies.Here are the best pics of the Film Fest so far.

Marie-Antoinette Photocall
Petite director Sofia Coppola; lead actress Kirsten Dunst; with her co-star Jason Schwartzman.

Continue reading…

Little updates and things

Okay, so minor changes on the blog : have added little piccies in the Movie Diary, credited the websites in the Misc. section (will always be grateful for these) and added some fanlistings, related to Alias and the Office.
Speaking of which, I absolutely ADORE the show. It’s bloody brillant, it is. Martin Freeman makes me weak in the knees because he’s just so adorable. Ricky Gervais, I don’t even know where to start to describe what a genius he is, and how loud he makes me laugh. Mackenzie Crook is priceless, too, what a brillant character ! Just thinking about it makes me smile. It’s that good, really.
Watched the 5th episode of the 4th season of Alias yesterday, “Welcome to Liberty Village” and I just really, really loved it. If I had to make a top 10 of the best Alias episodes (now you know what is in the next post, tee hee), you’d be sure that episode’s in it.

Cover for the thirteenth Lemony Snicket book is online (image credit goes to Barnes &, and it just scares me. I can’t wait to have all the answers and yet, I cannot believe this is the end of what whould have been one of the most beloved things in my life -book release is scheduled for October, Friday the 13th. I’ve grown so fond of this universe. And I know the end is going to be devastating, because there’s absolutely no way Lemony Snicket would ever write an happy ending. Sniff.

A rather massive update…

Introducing the all-new, all-singing, all-dancing* favorite section ! Phew ! Took me ages to figure it all out, but I’m glad I did, because I’m always so proud to display all my fandoms. Also updated the profile section accordingly, and my movie diary. Lord knows I really didn’t have the time lately to go to the theaters, and that’s a real shame…
*singing and dancing not guaranteed. Oh, okay, Empire made up that joke, but I couldn’t help copying it, t’was too funny.
So tomorrow is my last day of exams -hurray- and I’m leaving for Houston in about ten days. As I said before, I won’t be back until the end of August, and leaving for such a long time scares the s**t out of me. It was my own decision though, so I won’t pretend I’m not happy to leave. It makes me nervous, but I’m still glad to get away from here a bit. Firstly, because of my parents. Secondly, because of my friends. Yes, of course, I’ll miss all of you guys but things have been so nerve-racking lately. I’m not only talking about the fellowship (that’d be you guys from high school), but also about the nutjobs from the Net. I know you’re reading this, and I know you know what I’m talking about. I would hate to sound dramatic, because there isn’t nothing really going on, but I would really like it to calm down while I’m gone. It’s such an uncomfortable situation to be in, if you get what I mean. If you don’t, oh well, nevermind.

Okay, so my little life is still very uninteresting, which is why I watch so many television shows. First of all, I am so totally, a hundred-percent, completely back on the Alias train. My, is it good. Took me barely 4 days to watch the entire thrid season (now you know why I wasn’t studying), and I just got the fourth one from a kind friend of my sister. Whee ! And the chemistry between Syd and Vaughn is just, gah, can’t even start describing. And Jen Garner is always the best actress you’ll ever seen on a TV show for sure.
Secondly, those stupid people at the CW (new, stupid TV channel which results from the stupid merging of the WB with UPN) decided to cancel Everwood, which is possibly one of the best TV shows I ever had the pleasure to watch. I am so upset over this. It is one of those rare shows which kept improving -season 4 is as good as the first one. Series finale is scheduled for the 5th of June (which means that I will actually see it while I’m in the US), and I don’t think I’ll ever accept the idea. How come stupid 7th Heaven gets another season ? It just doesn’t make any sense, it doesn’t.
Last thing, I just watched Lost and whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- ? It was fuckin’ amazing. Good work, J.J., good work…
Will start watching the Office in a few days, because I totally fell for Ricky Gervais while watching Alias (he guest-starred in the 3rd season). He was just hilarious in the bonus materials, and so good in the actual show. I *love* him. Will try to check out the US version while I’m over there, but I’m not too sure about that.

In other fascinating news, I really don’t get why Paul Bettnay did not have more screentime in the DaVinci Code. The whole movie was a crapfest like I hadn’t seen before, but Silas was such an interesting character -the only thing they’ve managed to improve from the book, in my opinion, and the only positive aspect of the whole disaster, along Sir Ian McKellen and Alfred Molina. There you have, all those great actors, and you’re wasting your time on one-dimensional characters. No offence to Audrey Tautou but… well, actually, I do want her to be offended, because she made everything sound so boring and weird, and I really wish Tom Hanks weren’t in the movie, too, because now I know that he can actually pull out a bad performance. The whole thing is just frustrating.
Penelope Cruz, on the other hand, was really, really good in Volver, the new movie from arthouse director Pedro Almodovar. I hope she won’t leave the Cannes Film Festival empty-handed, although I doubt they will reward such a “popular” actress. Sigh.
Talking about the Cannes Film Fest, Marie-Antoinette is now seriously looking good (meaning I’ve read the first reviews, and there were stellar). I can’t wait to see Kirsten Dunst in a part which fits her, so that I can stop hating her being stupid and dumping the greatest guy on Earth (no, not Matty, Jake).
That’s a lot of rambling and writing so I’ll bid you a fond goodbye and am hoping to update a bit more, now that my exams are over -tomorrow’s the lucky day !
Last thing, huge congratulations to Tommy Robredo for winning the Masters Series in Hamburg. It was well-earned, and hopefully, the luck will last until Roland Garros !