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1st post from Houston

Hi y’all ! Gee I left France two days ago, but it feels like ages already. Heh.
So the journey to the US was very long and exhausting, as you can imagine. And there were only shitty movies onboard ! I mean, way to go Continental Airlines -putting King Kong and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on one flight, and The Pink Panther and Rumor Has It… on another. Guess which one I had… *sigh*
The Pink Panther was really bad, and Steve Martin supposedly French accent a complete mess. The humor was just lame. Heck even an Alias episode can be funnier than that. The only good thing about it was Clive Owen’s cameo as 006. Heh. Me loves my Clive.
Rumor Has It… was comparatively good (as Klaus Baudelaire would say), but not very engaging -why should people care about the so-called troubles of Jennifer Aniston’s character ? The gal is gorgeous, comes from a wealthy family, has a very cool
grandma, has an equally good-looking boyfriend… I mean, come on.
We arrived at the George Bush Intercontinental, and went to my mom’s friends’ house, in the Houston suburbian town of Pearland. That’s where I’m staying so far, and it’s been great.
First of all, I got to discover the Americam TV system. It was so goddamn complicated, but I managed to find several channels which really interested me :
ESPN2, which broadcast the French Open; and FSC (Fox Soccer Channel), where I was able to watch all the international friendly matches of England, preparing for the World Cup. I have to say, I’m really impressed with their team -which has, y’know, Frank Lampard in it, so I’ll be cheering for them, of course. But it’s not just him, really, it’s all those awesome players -Gerrard, Terry, Owen and Rooney (although, yes I know, he’s injured but he’s the beestt!!). My point being, England won their friendly match against Jamaica 6-0 (!) , and it made me happy.
I also wanted to write about the movies I’ve seen so far here, because they were all pretty good.
Firstly, in theaters,
the Break-Up. Nope, not a masterpiece at all, but it was a rather nice romantic comedy. Dysfuctional but quite touching. And the two leads made a rather good job -nothing too challenging, but Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston can really act together.
We rented at the local Blockbuster this awesome, awesome movie called
The Chumscrubber. I really loved it. The catchy way to describe it would be that it’s a bit of a mix between American Beauty and Donnie Darko. Oh the compliment ! It isn’t quite as successful as these two masterpieces, but definitely has the same kind of vibe to it -dark satire of the traditional American suburbia life. I really enjoyed it, and there’s a tremendous work on every character. Most of them are completely fucked up and even downright insane, but in the end, they’re just vulnerable human beings. The cast is pretty amazing, too; Jamie Bell, my precious and beloved Ralph Fiennes who I love ’till the end of the days, Glenn Close, Allison Janney, Justin Chatwin (you know who he is, the annoying kid in War of the Worlds), Carrie Anne-Moss, William Fichtner, upcoming stars Camilla Belle and Lou Taylor Pucci, Jason Isaacs, Rita Wilson and even little Rory Culkin. Jamie Bell’s performance is jaw-droppingly good. A sort of breakthrough, similar to Jake in Donnie Darko, although we knew he could act real good since his Billy Elliott days (he was 14 when he won a Bafta for Best Leading Role, for Chrissake). God is he talented. I should really add his fanlisting.
This morning, on HBO, I watched In Good Company. It was really nice, and Dennis Quaid was really good (haha, Merry, can’t believe we put him with Morris Chestnut and Tom Skerritt *lol*). So was Topher Grace. And I still don’t like Scarlett Johansson, but she was okay, too. A nice little ‘dramedy’, I’d say, and a good look at relationships in general.
But despite all these good things, I still haven’t got past the fact that Alias IS OFFICIALLY OVER. I just can’t accept it. I keep thinking about it. I keep watching TEH scene. You can see it
here at your own risk -it’s just too cute (clip curtesy of Alias Media -God bless ’em). Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan should really be elected Cutest Couple with the Most Amazing Pair of Dimples. Erin once wrote : “That dimple in Michael Vartan’s cheek should be bronzed. Rowr.” -and I say, WORD, mate ! Word.
I also keep listening to David Grey’s “Freedom” and Sarah McLachlan’s “World on Fire”, because these played during the show. David Grey’s gorgeous song played during a very nice
bathtub scene in “Firebomb” (Season 2, Episode 16) while Sarah McLachlan’s one was during the season premiere of the fourth season, “Authorized Personnel Only”, back to when Syd wanted to take it slow after the whole Lauren mess. In any case, those two songs are amazing. And they remind me of Syd and Vaughn, so it’s all good.
I apologise for the length of this useless post. It’s 10pm and I’m about to fall asleep on the keyboard. Well, yes, the time zone is pretty hard to adjust to, if you ask me..

Faaaarewell !

Okay, so this is the ultimate farewell message ! It’s currently 8:59 am (the hell am I doing on my computer ?), I haven’t slept much (but I dreamt of Syd and Vaughn… –creepy and true, tee hee), and I just wanted to drop by one last time here.
So I’m leaving for Houston, then Memphis, and I am really gonna miss everyone reading this (because in theory, it means that you care about my life, and that you’re my friend… WAAAHH-). But I’ll try to update here and write as much as I can -nothing guaranteed though, because I’ll be working like 7 days a week, and I’ll be exhausted, and wouldn’t it be simpler if I just sent e-mails ? Heh. I’ll work it out once I’m there.
God I’m going to miss all my little habits on the Net, too. Checking IMDb. Watching trailers on Apple. Checking updates on Posting stupid things on the Empire forums (sorry I won’t be able to represent Matt at the challenge, too). Reading TWoP… Aaah, man, I really shouldn’t think about it !
I’ll be back soon, alright ? Take care, everyone !