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Coldplay description

I’ve stumbled upon those hilarious descriptions of all four Coldplay members, and it was just too funny not to be posted here. They are in fact the four different results you get if you do the “Which Coldplay member are you?” quiz. I’ve added some comments along the way.
Guy Berryman – “He of the thumping basslines” (hee hee hee)
Aloof, dangerously sexy (indeed), somewhat robotic (oh, come on!). Questionable hair (*laughing her arse off* He did get a haircut recently, though).
You sure do play a mean bass. Chris reckons you’re damn sexy, but we wish you’d smile a little more. This robot is in dire need of an upgrade (this is really mean, I don’t know why anyone would think Guy is a robot, especially the way he swings his hips when playing live, hee hee). If growing your hair into an afro is something of a statement, well then point taken (*still laughing out loud* NOT that having loads of hair has the same meaning than having huge hands/feet). Viva Six Appeal!
Jonny Buckland – “Guitar MASTAH” (*dies laughing*)
Quiet, likeable, perma-stoned (this is NOT true). Chris’ soulmate (this, on the other hand, is…)
Guitarist Extraordinaire. Soft-spoken, unassuming, on the recieving end of Chris’ mancrush (heh). Not that we blame you. You rock. The hair is a bit out of control and a shave would be nice, but your teeth ARE blindingly white (*ptdr*). Bravo. Lay off the ganja a bit, Jon (once again, this is *not* true, God!). The glassy-eyed look doesn’t suit you.
Will Champion – “Thunder Sticks”
Friendly, articulate, likes his drink (definitely not the only one in the band). Official Band Babysitter (haha, to Chris and Guy, more like!).
Bad-ass Drummer and Unofficial Band Spokesperson. You’re often charged with keeping Chris in check. The mature one. Has a habit of looking psychotic in pictures (this is so not true, and mean). You enjoy telling people no, especially the guys in your band (*mdr*). Multi-talented and lovely (of course!). Everyone loves Will.
Chris Martin – “The Elongated Frontman”
Pious, semi-viriginal, extremely charitable. Accused of being a bed-wetter (that’s mean!).
Slightly neurotic and obsessed with your band. You write some darn purty songs and have extremely large hands (*ooh the innuendo here*). The ultimate mummy’s boy. You very well could be the next Bono. Make Trade Fair, indeed.
One thing I’ll add is, WORD. Except on the Jonny-smoking-weed thing. Guy’s the one doing it! (I’m an awful person, aren’t I ?!)

Holidays and movies

I’ve updated the links section with a couple of movie sites I find really useful. Hopefully, you will too, but it’s okay if you don’t.
Being on holidays is as good as life gets, really.
I’ve spent almost every day of the past few weeks going to the movies with Merry, it’s just been the greatest time ever. Because I’m lazy, I won’t review all of them; but for instance, since last Friday, we went and saw : Brick, Lucky Number Slevin, the Ant Bully (where we bumped into my sister, that was so weird!), the Wind that Shakes the Barley (a worthy Palme d’Or indeed), Lady in the Water and Monster House. It’s just been a blast.
And, Merry, if you’re reading this… I so enjoy hanging out with you, mate. I love seeing you everyday, just like we used to. You’re one of my best friend in the entire world –now I’m getting cheesy like Pretty Boy, but y’know, his third and most important value was honesty, haha ! It means the world to me, that you’re always there, especially when I was in the US. As you know, Guy once wrote about Jonny : “Me and Jonny are kindered spirits in the band. We share a lot of common ground together. We share very similar musical tastes and we share very similar humour. It’s not to say that I’m not just as close or familiar with Will or with Chris, but I just think Jon is a real soulmate for me in the band.” Well, that’s just the kind of thing I could write about you. Not that I’m comparing you to Jonny (’cause that would be, er, disturbing), and I wouldn’t compare myself to Guy because he’s so perfect and I’m so lousy (what an arrogant bitch I’d be to do that anyways) -but I do hope you see my point… Guy also said he admired his bandmates for “being into the same things [he’s] into”, and that would be so true for the both of us, wouldn’t it ? What I’m trying to say rather clumsily here is that I love the fact that you love Coldplay almost as much as I do (hee, teasing), and I love the fact that you love movies as much as I do, that you love the IMDb as much as I do, too; and that you always know what I’m talking/rambling about. Long story short, it’s been really great being with you loads this summer. You can be a pain in the ass sometimes (and so can I, especially when I start babbling about Bryan), but it really has. I miss watching Smallville though, I can tell you that! We can really be a pair of nerds when we want to, ha !
D’you wanna be in a band with me? Do you, do you? I know the both of us can’t play any instruments worth a damn – although maybe you can, but I can’t! That’s okay, though. I’ll just go, marry Bryan, and have a nice life, as you perfectly know. And I dare you to contradict me, because his sexual preferences are just so irrelevant in this case (Gods of Irony, hello…).

Busy week in movies and music…

First of all, I’ve added the individual fanlistings for each Coldplay member : Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Chris Martin, as well as the one for Superman Returns. Surprising, eh? Also added Tom Sigel to my list of favorite DP’s, because I listened to his commentary on the X-Men 2 DVD (which he made with Bryan Singer, obviously), and he seems like such a nice and funny man, and he’s lighted all of Bryan’s movies so far, so that pretty much says how talented and good he is at what he does. Really.
This week has been very nice, I practically went to the movies everyday, which felt really good since I’ve been missing it so much. All of them were rather enjoyable, too -quite a surprising feat, considering that this summer hasn’t been too good in terms of films (except for Supes, of course…).
I’ve been keeping myself busy reading everything I can on Coldplay, and listening to their CDs, and admiring the gorgeous poster I’ve ordered, and watching the Live 2003 and their music videos again and again and again (will I ever get tired of “Spain’s part of geography, isn’t it?” *cracks up thinking about it*). I really love that moment when Jonny is all by himself on the mountain. It’s such a lovely, kind of sad moment. Everything Jonny-related makes my heart melt anyways. It really does. I reckon people underestimate him a lot, because he’s sort of shy and soft-spoken. Guy and Will as well, actually. I wish Chris wasn’t that popular, which sounds like an awful thing to say !
And I’ll just stop talking about them because I can see everyone being fed up of it already. But what can I say, heh? I can’t help it…

First week back home…

Seeing that I now have a “pic of the week” and a “quote of the week” category, I now find myself condemned to update this blog on a weekly basis…
Unfortunately for you guys, I do not run out of things to say. This first week back home was pretty busy (and it’s not even over yet), catching up with all the stuff I’ve been missing –and going to the movies, too! It’s been all good so far.
Of couuuuurse, I’m also wasting all my time finding out anything I can on Coldplay and Bryan Singer, who has confirmed the fact that he was one of the best directors of his generation with
Superman Returns. I saw the film for the second time on Monday, and it was even better than the first -just downright brillant. I just, er, happened to view pictures of the promotional tour, and found out they (Bryan, Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey) actually came to Paris. I was in the US at that time, but it’s still irritating to think they were in France and I didn’t see them. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure (courtesy of

World premiere in Los Angeles

Mexico City Premiere

Paris Photocall and Premiere

Tokyo Press Conference

Pretty, huh?
What is prettier, though, is this. An oooold video of Coldplay performing “Speed of Sound” on ‘Top of the Pops’. I picked this one because Guy is playing keyboards, and backsinging (kill me already). He never used to do anything before -except playing the bass, obviously. But since X&Y came out, old Guy is doing almost everything. He even plays the harmonica when performing “‘Til Kingdom Come”. Bless him.


Taaadaaa… Hope you all like the new layout, I certainly do, as it features both Guy and Jonny, who I completely fell for this summer. Oh, of course I do like Will and Chris, too! The truth is, Coldplay wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for those four guys, the four of them, working and writing, touring and singing together. It’s one of the biggest misconception about the band –that it’s all about Chris or that he’s doing most of the work or whatever. He is the leader, that’s a fact, but that doesn’t make him the most important member of the band. Actually, if I had to pick the one I think is the most vital to the group, it would definitely be Jon.
Any…way, I’ll be back in France in two days now, and there’s nothing I can really say about this disastrous summer in Memphis. I had the worst time of my life over there (it does sound like I’m dramatizing, but I’m not), and I surely hope I’ll never go back to this place. If there’s an adjective that could ever qualify those holidays, it would have to be lousy. It’s not really Memphis –the town itself was pretty nice, if you ask me –but it really was the conditions I lived in while I was there. To sum it up, I just worked at the donut shop and… that’s about it. Everyday, I was sleeping, then going to work, then taking a shower and then sleeping again. And that’s all. I had nobody I could talk to. No TV I could watch. No Internet, obviously. No movies, except for the few times I managed to actually get someone to take me to the movie theater. No newspaper I could read or anything. And yeah, no one to take me downtown so that I could have a bit of fun, not even once; and no one in general to look after me, or… I couldn’t say why I felt so miserable over there, but I was stuck in a sort of nightmare-ish routine I just couldn’t stand. I liked being left alone, and sort of working and living by my own, but the truth is, I got really lonesome and depressed. Especially since I couldn’t watch any movie –cinema is pretty much my whole life, makes the person that I am, and living without it is just downright, well, impossible. I might sound like an awfully spoilt girl when saying this -and I might be, too. Anyway, in the end, I decided to come back to Houston, and to change my plane ticket so that I could come back earlier to France, and here I am.
If it weren’t for Coldplay and reading, I think I would have dropped dead of boredom and sadness. Okay, probably not, but the point is, they kind of saved me. Especially Guy. He kills me. “Spain’s part of geography, isn’t it?” You bet it is!
Chris is really funny, too. He cracks me up like no one else does. (“Aww Jonny they’re all saying aww!”). Will also has those great moments that always make me laugh outloud (“Be careful at Christmas: don’t go nuts with the nuts.”) !
And of course, now that I’m officially a Coldplay fan, I’m also proud to say that I’m very intelligent, and good looking, and all around brilliant! Haha!
It is on that very wise statement that I’ll finish this post -see you in France !