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Fanlistings, and the usual rambling

Coldplay featured song of the week is “Amsterdam”, the excellent ending track to A Rush of Blood to the Head. Chris once introduced the song by saying :

“This is about a city which is really wet. In this city, you can get stoned off your balls!! If you don’t have balls, you can get stoned off something else. [Turning to the piano to start, then turning back to the audience] and if you only have one ball…yes, you can get stoned off that one itsy bitsy little ball!! This is called Amsterdam.”

Dearest Chris. He will always crack me up, no matter what.
Although I’ve been very busy trying to study seriously, I’ve also watched the entire first season of Veronica Mars over the course of the week. I just couldn’t help it! I got totally and unconditionally hooked up on this wonderful show. The episodes just kept better and better, until “Weapons of Class Destruction”, which was it, really. I watched the season finale today, and I was screaming, gasping, jumping all over the place. That psycho! That ending! God. I didn’t see it coming at all, as usual. I can’t wait to start season two (Pauline, are you reading me? Eh?).
And obviously, the show also has the best couple in the history of ever, Logan and Veronica, with the two actors having the most incredible chemistry. Or second best couple in the history of ever, because Syd and Vaughn will always be the bestest. Heh.
Anyway, I’ve joined about five or six Veronica Mars-related fanlistings;
Jason Dohring, Kristen Bell, Logan Echolls, Veronica Mars (character), Veronica Mars & Logan Echolls, Veronica Mars (TV show). Do not worry though, Coldplay and Bryan are ever-present in my thoughts as they were.
I’ve just learnt today that David Strathairn -which I absolutely adore since he was so amazing in Good Night and Good Luck, will play in the Bourne Ultimatum, which will be the third one of the Bourne series, still directed by Paul Greengrass, and still starring Matt Damon as Jason. Heck I couldn’t believe my expectations could be any higher –and here comes this fantastic casting announcement! I do hope Joan Allen will come back though, as I understand David Strathairn’s character is a bit similar to hers in the Bourne Supermacy. But I entirely trust Paul Greengrass, Tony Gilory (the awesome screenwriter who also worked on the two first films) and Universal on this one. I’m just so devoted to these films, it just can’t not work. I’ve been sort of really disappointed lately –mainly thinking of X-Men 3 when saying this, but I’m pretty sure the Bourne movies will not go in that direction. Not as long as Paul Greengrass is directing them anyway, and not unlike some irresponsible, partygoing director who totally ruined a previously well-established saga. I’m not naming any names. But you recognized Brett Ratner, didn’t you?
I’m still furious over his handling of the last X-Men, I really am. Though it rarely happens, I do get mad over bad films, so I’m trying to ignore them, and avoid the subject at all costs. So there. I’ll stop right now before I get really upset on the topic. And don’t even get me started on Pirates of the Carribean: Dead’s Man Crap, or I’ll just entirely lose it.
In the big news of the week, the Labour Party conference in Manchester is a very funny event to track (and so was Gordon Brown’s face during ol’ Tony Blair’s farewell speech), and Evanna Lynch is very pretty as Luna Lovegood. Heh. Judging on pictures is lame, but I reckon she really looks perfect for the part.

All the new high-resolutions pics from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix can be found here. Am I actually excited? Nope, because I still stand by the books, which are the only legitimate versions of the HP universe to me–however, I have to admit this is all a bit fun!
Oh, alright, fine, Order of the Phoenix is obviously one of next year’s most anticipated films, right up there with the Bourne Ultimatum, Indiana Jones 4 and Spider-Man 3. Even though those three are directed by three amazing artists (respectively : Paul Greegrass, Steven Spielberg and Sam Raimi) while Order of the Phoenix has an utter unknown guy at the head of the whole project. Oh well, at least, he’s British. Which is supposed to be, y’know, reassuring.

Back at school!

Featured Coldplay song of the week is “God Put A Smile Upon Your Face”. This song is very particular because a) it’s obviously one of the key songs for all the Syd/Vaughn shippers out there, b) it has the best bassline Guy ever pulled out, even better than the “White Shadows” and “Low” ones, which are pretty outstanding already.
This is my first week back at university, which sort of explains why I’m updating on a Saturday rather than on a Friday, and it has been rather hectic. The workload is already starting to weight, which is unexpected but quite welcomed, since I hadn’t been studying properly for about a year now. My Literature classes are amazing -I’m thinking of creating a fanlisting for my teacher, heehee- and we’re currently studying Hamlet, which is truely one of the most fascinating plays I’ve ever read. All my classes this year are way better than they used to be, so it’s all good.
The euphoria from Tuesday’s awesomely good news, the birth of Guy’s little daughter, has pretty much lasted the entire week. I dunno why, I just love the idea of Guy being a dad! It’s just too lovely.
New trailers have surfaced this week, all of which looks like potential heavy Oscar contenders. Yup, the race is about to begin, and as usual, the line-up is fantastic.
One of the most disturbing and creative trailers in recent memory, Little Children is a drama about adultery and appearances, directed by Todd Field and starring Kate Winslet, Jennifer Connelly and the very handsome Patrick Wilson. It can be seen
here and features one the best use of a sound effect I’ve ever seen! This is definitely one of the movies I’ll be the most looking forward to this season.
Another Jennifer Connelly picture, Blood Diamond (also starring Leonardo DiCaprio), is generating quite a lot of heat. Is it this year’s The Constant Gardener ? Probably not, but you can still check out the awesome trailer at the following
The Good Shepherd tells the story of the birth of the CIA during the Cold War years, and is directed by Robert DeNiro. The cast is more than impressive, all of which are either Academy-Award winners or nominees (Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, Joe Pesci, Alec Baldwin, William Hurt, and DeNiro himself). Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean the film is going to be good, but since Eric Roth is the screenwriter (himself Academy-Award winner for Forrest Gump and recently nominated for Munich), then I’ll trust the movie will be pretty grand. The trailer is exclusively at Moviefone, and features Thomas Newman’s score from Jarhead (gasp!) as well as a bit of John Powell’s theme from the Bourne Identity. Heh.
You can’t expect me to mention the Oscar race without talking about Flags of our Fathers, as this is the main Best Picture bet. The quite emotional, sober-looking trailer can be found
here. True, members of the cast are all too young to be recognized, but Clint Eastwood and Paul Haggis are both Academy favorites -and deservingly so. And did I mention that Steven Spielberg was the producer of the film, too ? However, there isn’t any trailer yet for Letters from Iwo Jima, the Japanese counterpart of the movie.
Finally, the talented Steven Shainberg directs Nicole Kidman in Fur, an Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus, about the life of the afromentioned photographer. The trailer is quite intriguing and can be viewed
Others Oscar contenders include (click to view trailer) :
Dreamgirls, directed by Bill Condon starring Jamie Foxx; A Good Year, directed by Ridley Scott starring Russell Crowe; Stranger than Fiction, directed by my very beloved Marc Foster starring Will Ferrell (one of my favorite Oscar hopefuls, I have to admit); and let’s not forget the early Cannes favorites, Volver and Babel. Venice film fest favorite The Queen, directed by Stephen Frears and starring Helen Mirren, about Queen Elizabeth’s handling of Princess Diana’s death, also has a very positive Oscar buzz, though a bit early. Indie favorite Running with Scissors, directed by relative newcomer Ryan Murphy, has a stellar cast and could upset the big names. The Good German, directed by Steven Soderbergh, starring George Clooney and Cate Blanchett, is the only anticipated film which doesn’t have a trailer yet. I do wonder if it’ll be released in time for this year’s awards season. Another film facing release problems is United 93, because it came out so early on this year. I hope it’ll find its way into one or two categories, because it was just too brillant and heart-stopping to be forgotten.
Wow, God, sorry about the long post about the Oscars. I get pretty passionate about it, because it’s so exciting to have such great movies all at the same time!

Guy is a proud dad!

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Guy Berryman and wife Jo, who just welcomed their baby daughter Nico into the world on Sunday ! The announcement was made today through the band’s official site.

“In the latest addition to the Coldplay baby boom, bassist Guy Berryman and his designer wife Jo welcomed a daughter on Sunday, September 17th. Baby Nico weighed in at 7lbs. This is the first child for the pair, but she joins other Coldplay babies Ava Champion, born to drummer Will in May, and Moses Martin,
born to pianist/singer Chris (and Gwyneth!) in April.”

Awww, God, I am so happy for them ! It’s such a blessed and delightful event, and all my thoughts go to the happy parents ! Awwwwww… this is just so adorable. Guy’s gonna be a fantastic dad, just like his bandmates.
Coincidentally, or not, it was also Bryan’s birthday that day, as you can see in my previous post… But anyway, once again, congratulations to the proud parents ! This really brightened my day, I’m just so happy for them ! Baby Berryman is going to be the cutest girl ever… Aww, Goddamn it, I’m really happy for the two of them.

Bryan's birthday

Just a few lines to wish a very happy birthday to Mr. Bryan Singer, the best director and man I ever knew. Except for the fact that I don’t know him. But whatever. Heehee. Still, he’s 41 today (my mum’s age -scary), so many happy wishes for him! I’ll just quote him for the occasion.

“Suddenly you wake up one day and you’re 40 years old and you’re like, ‘Whoa! What have I done?’” he says. “Well, on one side of my life, I’ve done quite a lot. On the other side, I’ve done nothing. On the personal side, I’ve really not evolved at all. I bought a house, and it had no furniture in it for four years, until someone finally said, ‘Hey, let me help you find some furniture for your house.’ Because I was happy to live like a college student, like I did in my dorm. It sounds a bit sweet and charming, but it’s actually a product of not acknowledging the passage of time. When you’re a filmmaker, you judge the passage of time in films, not in years — and sometimes films take more than a year. So I don’t realize it, but a good piece of time has passed since film school.”

A good piece of time has passed indeed, and five wonderful movies came along with it. So I guess if I had to say something to you, Bryan, it would be that I’m really glad you’re not in film school anymore and that you’ve grown into this brillant, inspiring director I tremendously admire. Even if you are, as Total Film once said, a “40-going-on-12” director. Well now, it shall be 41-going-on-13 ! Happy, happy birthday !

Last week of holidays

Featured Coldplay song of the week is “Square One”, the brillant opening track to X&Y. Will’s drumbeat is just amazing on this one.
I’ve also added a link to the Amnesty International “Irrepressible.Info” campaign. This is of tremendous importance to me -and it should be to everyone, especially in the media-orientated, Internet world we live in. You can find out more about it by clicking on the image, or following this
I’ve been watching loads of performances by the band lately, trying to catch up with everything I’ve missed. Hackney, Glastonbury and the Isle of Wight festivals, Times Square in NY, Sydney Opera House -I’ve watched everything I could find. One of my favorite concert, though, was definitely the Austin City Limits show. The band is pictured there playing “‘Til Kingdom Come” -I’m thinking this image will be my next layout, it’s so pretty! Anyway, they did an amazing cover of Joseph Arthur’s “In the Sun” with Micheal Stipe from R.E.M., it was really great. The concert in Sydney was pretty funny, too, even though it’s about three years old. It had a little Q&A and Chris, as usual, cracked me up. So did Will with his ‘Vegemite’ answer, because I love it too! Jonny was really shy and adorable. Guy was wearing white, which surprised me a lot, and looked absolutely gorgeous… And of course, Chris was very keen on embarassing Jonny as much as possible, saying that the somewhat discreet public “should not be intimidated by the presence of such a beautiful guitarist”. Way to go, Chris, way to go!

Aside from Coldplay, I have a life. You wouldn’t think so reading my blog, but I do. Alice left for Britain today, and we had a kind of farewell/birthday dinner for her. We had an amazing time, and I couldn’t feel grateful enough, except that it ended too soon -and now she’s gone. We’re gonna miss you so badly, Lilice! You’re one of the greatest gals I’ve ever met. May the Force be with you (you should do pretty good if you have your survival premium pack with you) !

Elsewhere, I’ve seen Little Miss Sunshine Y for the second time today, and loved it even more. Definitely on my top 5 of this year’s best movies so far. Oh, and I also wanted to say that the trailer for Eragon, based on Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance trilogy, is now online, and it looks a bit shitty. Which is a shame since I really enjoyed the books. Whoever did the casting clearly wanted to upset the fans. The video can be seen at Moviefone.

I can’t wait for the Fountain, the Prestige, the Departed (that’s a lot of “the”) and Children of Men to be released… And also for the thirteenth of October to arrive. Although I’m also seriously dreading that day, the final book of the Lemony Snicket’s a Series of Unfortunate Events saga should put an end to all the mysteries and answer all of our questions. Or not. The Beatrice Letters was bad enough to read, but the End will definitely be worse. Goddamnit, how come I love these books so much, then? They’re filled with misery and sadness. I’ve never seen characters being mistreated this way. Gah.

Oh, and I’m going back to class on Tuesday. Not that it matters, really…