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Summer time!

It’s officially the (very early) start of the summer holidays for me. How can you tell?
* The weather’s been bloody hot and generally awesome in Paris. I predict it will be less awesome when Earth will melt due to global warming.
* Friday was my last day at university –all that stress about the exams is now gone, gone, gone. I have two months left until my departure for New Zealand, which is just fine.
* The presidential elections will spoil it all for me though, because of the non-choice we’ve been given –and the chance of seeing Sarkozy winning over Ségo is very likely indeed. It scares the hell out of me -that’s democracy for you. 
* The summer season kicks in, as Spider-Man 3 is release in TWO DAYS (scary!). Look out for my review then! All the cast was in Paris on Friday evening; as a dutiful stalker, I waited three hours there to glimpse at the castmembers. We didn’t see the film -which is out in a few days anyways, but we had a helluva lot of fun…
Most of all though, I got to talk to Sam Raimi and James Franco. Well, it wasn’t proper talk; more along the lines of me gushing and blushing and stuttering about how much I loved them. I still cannot believe the kindness in Sam’s eyes, he was so happy to be here, he seemed genuinely pleased when I thanked him for his work on the first two films; and he graciously answered “My pleasure” when I thanked him for being there -you could tell he was being grateful to us for showing up! It must have lasted about ten seconds, this encounter… but there it was, nonetherless, the genius who gave us wonderful movies, who understands the Spider-Man universe, who’s such an accomplished director; there he was, thanking me for thanking him… It all sounds preposterous. And as silly as it is, it meant a lot to me, getting to see him.
And then of course, there was James. What can I say? He looks every bit as handsome in real life than onscreen, if not WAY more. He has this incredibly gorgeous smile, and he was so responsive, despite touring the world for the last week. I managed to tell him how much I loved him in… Tristan + Isolde. I know. He stood right there, and I said I thought he was really great in it. Yup. My brain froze, okay? I was just so mesmerized by his presence that I couldn’t think of anything else to say. He’s a supporting role in Spidey while he has the starring role in this film, so there you go. He looked startled at first, but then flashed this beautiful smile at me and thanked me. I gushed and was utterly paralyzed. I went weak in the knees, and my heart probably missed a few beats… But you know what? I did love him as Tristan; the film wasn’t exactly great, but he pulled it off and his chemistry with Sophia Myles worked really well.
In any case, we had a fantastic evening –got a glimpse of the others as well, Tobey and Kirsten obviously (who didn’t come all the way to where we were standing), and Thomas Haden Church, too (“Academy-Award nominee” Thomas Haden Church, I should say). Tobey looked so much more handsome than onscreen, he was very elegant and comfortable to be there, unlike what I’d thought. He was also taller than what we’d imagine… All in all, a very memorable, quite intense, evening, that’s for sure. It felt like an entire whole other world, I daresay, the media circus, the screaming fans. It’s utterly insane, sort of sad and fun at the same time. I wouldn’t really know how to put into words.

* Okay, now that you’ve got my full account (and I do apologise for the bits of fangirling), let’s go through the pics of the promotional tour, shall we? After the Rome premiere, the Spidey team split –with Tobey, Topher Grace, Thomas Haden Church and Rosemary Harris on one hand; Sam Raimi, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco on the other.
Picture credits: same as the previous post —1, 2 and 3 + 4.

In Berlin, on Wednesday:

Topher Grace, Rosemary Harris, Tobey Maguire and Thomas Haden Church

Meanwhile, in Madrid:

Kirsten Dunst and James Franco attending the photocall; later that evening, with producer Laura Ziskin and Sam Raimi

On Thursday evening…

Tobey at the Moscow premiere; Sam, Kirsten and James at the Stockholm premiere

…and on Friday, in Paris, the jolly cast reunited!

At the Grand Rex, in France!!

Phew. They’re back in the US now, with several late shows scheduled for the cast, and then the big NYC premiere. You know, I understand you Darky, when you say that there’s too much publicity for this film ^^ There really is a HUGE amount of money in this tour, more than I’ve seen for any film so far. I reckon the studios finally learnt the importance of foreign markets. But I still predict a $100+ million opening weekend for our friendly neighbour at the domestic box-office, and a worlwide tally of at least $900 million. At least…

* Empire has posted their final review on the film, and gives it three stars out of five. That’s not a good sign at all, and it falls short of their expectations. 

Still smart, still exciting and still action-packed. It’s just a shame to note that, after promising greatness, all Spider-Man 3 delivers is satisfaction. Read more

There’s still a very positive buzz from early critics –as evidently seen here. FYI, Spider-Man had scored 90% and Spider-Man 2, 93%, of positive critics…

* According to Variety, David S. Goyer (who?) will direct Magneto, the first of two X-Men spin-offs, for Twentieth Century Fox. Haha, poor guy. All I can say to him is: Good luck. And DON’T seek directorial advices from Brett Ratner. Also: don’t allow the producers to fuck you over as they did for Bryan. The weird thing is that Wolverine is scheduled to be released in 2008, a year earlier than Magneto (scheduled for 2009), and still has no director. Obviously, Bryan would be the ideal candidate but 1- he’s got a trillion projects going on right now, 2- Fox would rather go bankrupt than hiring him, 3- he’s way too good for them anyways. If Bryan goes back to working with Fox, I split my wrists open. Not for real, but the mental equivalent.

* Speaking of which (how odd is it that I keep coming back to Bryan and/or Supes all the time), I’ve spent my day reading a thread over at Television Without Pity‘s Smallville forum, called ‘Silver Screen Supes‘. That’s 131 pages! Yeah, I know. My days are sad, thank you. Anyway, I love TWoP, members posting  there are usually both very straightforward and intelligent. They’re also known to be quite picky and snarky (this being Television Without Pity). On this particular show, they also happen to be huge Superman geeks (they do watch Smallville then…). It was funny going from the first rumours of casting, to the announcement of Brandon Routh as Superman (which made the fanboys very angry); the costume, which of course was the subject of much complaning; the trailers… and finally, the tremendously positive reviews when the film was finally released. I’ve always been quite anxious of how both the fans and the general public recieved Superman Returns, but I can definitely say that, at the small-scale of this forum packed with fans, the response was overwhelmingly positive. I particularly loved that everyone seemed to believe in Bryan. Most of the members would simply post, “I give Singer the benefit of the doubt”, which was, thankfully, enough to get them to the theaters. They also seem to hate X-Men 3 and Pirates of the Carribean: Dead’s Man Crap as much as I did. Best quotes:

As soon as the WB logo came on, a guy in the left side of the theater yelled “It’s a Bird!” Guy from the right yelled “It’s a plane!” And then a girl in the middle yelled “It’s Superman!!!” Following this was the whole room erupting in cheers. All three were totally on cue with their lines.

[Superman Returns]’s imagery is downright lyrical, and its sheer beauty is something to behold. Although character, plot, and other soft stuff is what makes or breaks any film, the CGI is important in a big superhero movie. Despite a few very brief glitches, the effects are extremely well-done. More importantly, the cinematographer is a god among men who does some amazing work with lighting that elevates the look substantially above the average summer blockbuster. In the midst of a subdued world full of soft light and heavy shadows that never succumbs to the temptation to go noir, the brightly colored costume subtlely paints Superman as a beacon of light in a drab world, and does a lot to sell the uniformly enthusiastic response of the world to the news of his return.

“Singer is the true God of comic book movies.”

Haha. Hearting the fanboy love right there… And on the other films:

Even if Singer had stuck with X-Men, this summer was never set in stone as a release date. They pushed the May 2006 date specifically to spite him. After Singer moved on to Superman Returns, they offered X3 to Joss Whedon, who turned it down due to FOX’s time constraints. He wasn’t even asking for as much time as Singer, just a few extra months. Basically, they would have let a brain dead monkey direct this movie if it was the only director they could get to meet their release date.

“I even went to go see X3 opening weekend, even though I was spoiled on it and knew my favorite character would die right at the fucking beginning of the movie. (Still bitter on that one. And really, nothing prepared me for just how much they would fuck up the characters.)'”

“I disagree. Dead Man’s Chest. . now that was a snooze fest. Unscary villians, sword fight, chase, sword fight, unscary monster, chase, who is that guy?, why is he here?, she likes who now??? sword fight, chase. . . .Zzz. . .Zzz. . . Zzzz. . . unbelievable ending. . . “Hey aren’t you dead?” “Yes. . I’m sure, I saw you die!. . . .ah shit this is just stupid. . .and man do I have to PEE!””

Note to self: have to stop reading about Bryan on the Internet. It’s already bad enough as it is! I’ll just set my sights on Christopher Nolan and Paul Greengrass then, since both of them are shooting right now. I cannot believe The Bourne Ultimatum is still shooting while its release date is only months away! Apparently, they were back in London and will also be in Madrid for a few days. I wonder if Paul’s editing the film while he’s shooting it? Surely he’s talented enough to be multi-tasking… And of course, The Dark Knight is currently shooting in Chicago. But Cillian Murphy is not credited in the cast (yet), which is a real shame. I would love to see Dr. Jonathan Crane coming back for a scare or two, especially since he survived the first film, of course… Even a cameo would be lovely!

And I’ve just realised I talked about every superhero in film right now. How bad is this?

[Edit] *Cleolinda had posted two new parodies! Is Christmas coming early?!
300 in Fifteen Minutes
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in Fifteen Minutes

Quick update…

* New poster (above) and new trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix have been released. You can watch the trailer here. And it confirms my suspicions: that this film be the most visually stunning yet of the entire series. Yes, it’s packed with special effects, but this is magic we’re dealing with… It looks very promising indeed. The poster’s tagline makes me think of : 1- Arcade Fire’s best song; 2- unconsumed teenage angst. All in all, pretty good things!

*Keeping up with the Spider-Man 3 promotional tour…
Picture credits: 1, 2 and 3.

On Monday evening was the London premiere. Empire Online‘s got a full, quite hilarious report, plus pics.

The tongue-wagging Venom (Topher Grace), the gritty giant Sandman (Thomas Hayden Church), the glider-wielding Green Goblin (James Franco) and the sharp-suited Director (Sam Raimi) are all set to follow the Costumed One (Tobey Maguire) down the red-carpet tonight, as Leicester Square gets its first proper taste of the alleged most expensive movie ever made. Read more

Heh. I love the “sharp-suited” adjective for Sam Raimi. Fits him quite well, indeed!

On Tuesday, they attended a press photocall in Rome…

…and then, the premiere:

Producers Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin, Topher Grace and Rosemary Harris, producer Grant Curtis; director Sam Raimi

Tobey Maguire; Kirsten Dunst

Pics are still hot from the press! We’re getting very close to the release of Spider-Man 3 now, less than a week away. There’s been an interesting debate (well, interesting among others) about the budget of the film, and some scary numbers have come up. Hopefully, the box-office opening-weekend figures will quiet all of them down.

Industry insiders claim that Sony spent $350 million or more on production alone. With marketing and promotion factored in, the total price tag will approach half a billion dollars—positioning Spider-Man 3 as the most expensive movie of all time. Read more

The thing is, even if the film did not meet the financial expectations (which it won’t), the Spidey franchise has already provided Sony/Columbia Pictures with more than 1.7 billion dollars –and that without the DVD, ancillaries and merchandising revenues. That’s why they can afford to spend $300million+ on this third film alone, in my opinion. Sure it sounds preposterous and inappropriate, but the facts are there. I don’t think Sam Raimi is irresponsible or spoilt (the article surely makes it sound like it). Let’s not forget that the studio is primarly responsible for production costs -and if they’re throwing money at him to accomodate his vision, then it’s fine, really. Trust me, I’m the first one to be sorry for the rising costs of filmmaking, but it’s always the same vicious circle: the more box-office figures will be astonishing, the higher budgets will get. That’s just a fact. Of course the director has a responsability in it, but in the end, everyone does: the audience, the actors and crewmembers on the payroll, the executive producers and the suits higher up. The matter’s important to me because Bryan came off from Superman Returns as a fiscally irresponsible director (in his own words), and so much bad press has been made of the film’s budget. I’m still having the hardest time believing all of that, since he barely had two pennies to scratch together back in the days (I’m exaggerating) to do the first two X-Men films, and yet they look impressive. Although I admit that Superman Returns was a different thing altogether; but I refuse to believe that Bryan did not do his best to keep the budget as low as possible.
Why do I keep coming back to Supes, though? Sorry XD It’s been very traumatic to me, the whole budget controversy…

Stay tuned for more Spidey premieres and other news!

Elections, elections, elections

We’re now one hour away from the results of the presidential elections in France.

The outcome is just scaaaaary. There’s just no other way to put it: it’s just scary.

Would I want soon-to-be-ex-president Chirac to remain where he is? Of course not. Sure we’re accustomed by now to his quirks and him being a symbol of France. But I like to think of change as a positive, healthy, natural thing. So good riddance, I daresay… But considering the prospect and the candidates, things are not looking exactly bright either.

Panic is no good, so we’ll just have to wait now… Any minute…

Movie news!

* The international Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix trailer has just landed on the Web –watch it here. It’s all kinds of awesome, thrilling and most of all, frightening. Voldemort scared the hell out of me. Judging by this, David Yates may have made the best Harry Potter film yet.

* A new trailer for The Bourne Ultimatum also premiered on Yahoo!Movies (there are some new production stills as well). There’s no need for me to tell you guys how excited I am for this one –once again, it seems that Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon did an outstanding job. Seeing David Strathairn in the trailer convinced me even more that this will be an awesome film (not that I needed convincing). But I really kind of love him, so it’s great to see him in one of my favourite franchises. posted an excellent article on the film:

”I think the unique thing about the franchise is that it has got that root in reality,” says Paul Greengrass… Read more

* The new trailer for The Golden Age, the ‘sequel’ to 1998’s Elizabeth has been uploaded on Dailymotion. Apparently, it’s not a sequel at all; rather a very different film on another period of Elizabeth’s reign, but it still stars Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush. The welcomed addition to the cast is of course, Clive Owen. This looks like serious Oscar-material, wouldn’t you say?

* Director Andrew Adamson says hello from the set of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian via the film’s official blog. He’s such a nice fellow! I hope the website will be frequently updated -it’s such a treat when filmmakers keep track with their fans, such as this one or that one. See, not only Peter Jackson and Bryan Singer are genius, but they’re also incredibly nice to their fans. Preposterous, really!

* The Spider-Man 3 promotional tour has started in Japan. Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Topher Grace, Thomas Haden Church, Rosemary Harris and director Sam Raimi attended the world premiere last week, and a press conference the day afterwards. They will be in London tomorrow, in Rome on Tuesday, in Berlin and Madrid on Wednesday, in Moscow and Stockholm on Thursday, and in Paris on Friday (phew, poor guys). The New York premiere will be next Monday.
Photo credit goes to and

* The line-up for the Cannes Film Festival has been announced. Read about the competition here. Loads of big names, of course –Tarantino, Van Sant, Fincher, the Coens, James Grey. Regular Cannes names, such as Wong Kar-Wai, Emir Kusturica and Denys Arcand, will also screen their films. The highly-anticipated Sicko, Michael Moore’s new documentary, will also be screened, out of competition.
I can’t believe Zodiac made it into the competition! I can hardly wait to see it, with Fincher being one of my (many) favourite directors, and of course, Jake Gyllenhaal starring.

My Blueberry Nights, Hong Kong-France-China, Wong Kar Wai

The Age of Darkness, Canada, Denys Arcand

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, Romania, Cristian Mungiu
Alexandra Russia, Alexander Sokurov
Auf der anderen Seite des Lebens, Germany-Turkey, Fatih Akin
The Banishment, Russia-Belgium, Andrey Zvyagintsev
Breath, South Korea, Kim Ki-duk
Les Chansons d’amour, France, Christophe Honore
Death Proof, U.S., Quentin Tarantino
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, France, Julian Schnabel
Import/Export, Austria, Ulrich Seidl
The Man From London, Germany-France-U.K.-Hungary, Bela Tarr
Mogari No Mor, Japan, Naomi Kawase
No Country For Old Men, U.S., The Coen Brothers
Paranoid Park, France-U.S., Gus Van Sant
Persepolis, France-U.S., Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud
Promise Me This, France-Serbia, Emir Kusturica
Secret Sunshine, South Korea, Lee Chang-dong
Silent Light, Mexico-France-Netherlands, Carlos Reygadas
Tehilim, France, Raphael Nadjari
Une Vieille Maitresse, France, Catherine Breillat
We Own the Night, U.S., James Gray
Zodiac, U.S., David Fincher

A Mighty Heart, U.K., Michael Winterbottom
Ocean’s Thirteen, U.S., Steven Soderbergh
Sicko, U.S., Michael Moore

* Edward Norton is the new Hulk. He will play Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk, a non-sequel to Ang Lee’s Hulk. My first thought at this was “who the f*** is Louis Leterrier?” (the director of the film, I do wonder why Universal went for him?); and then, “why not carry on with Eric Bana?”, and then, “why would Ed want to do this film?”. I still don’t know what to think about it. If Ed Norton’s in it, I can help thinking that it will be an amazing film. I trust him completely, but it is a bit surprising. He’s never done a huge action movie before, so that’ll be a huge turn in his career. But as I said, I trust him, so count me in for this one. Even if the director is a random French guy who hasn’t done much before.

* BusinessWeek draws the conclusion of the success of 300 at the box-office. The article is quite sad and cynical. I hate that everything about mainstream cinema has to be about money and revenues, and whether the film is profitable or not.

Sometimes a great visual is worth more than heavyweight actors and a legion of writers… Read more

* I’ve found an old but very interesting interview of both Christopher Nolan and Chrisitan Bale discussing The Prestige. I love the two of them, they’re such a great team. And of course, at the time of the interview, Katie Holmes was still in talks to star in The Dark Knight –but she’s being replaced by Maggie Gyllenhaal, and it’s official; just to clear things up.

“There is a certain challenge to the audience to pay attention. Hopefully, not in an arrogant or obnoxious way, but the film is about narrative, and the creation of narratives within narratives…” Read more

Well, that’s it for now, folks!

Requiem for Krypton, pt. 5

*Deep! Voice! That Sounds Like A 7-feet Tall Man Who Has Been Smoking Cigarettes Since Childhood*

Previously on Requiem for Krypton:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Alright, that’s the last part, folks!
Not that you didn’t get lost in the heap of informations and screencaps of those four long posts. 
All props to the documentary’s director Bob Burnett. You can visit his official website, Ludovico Technique.

Part 5: He’s Always Around – Wrapping Superman

* We open to a pyro test: a police car getting destroyed by explosions made to simulate gunshots. “This is a little presentation we’ve put together for Bryan while he’s busy shooting, to talk about the bank robbery”, says production designer Guy.  We see a montage of clips showing the technicalities of the scene -for now, they’re just positioning figurines and car toys around on a miniature, and discussing the concept. It’s sort of funny to see all these grown-ups playing, as kids would, with a little car set…

From concept to reality…

* We’re now on location. Guy explains “this is actually the building that is under siege right now. We will shoot the exterior elements […] on location. About a block away, we have residential areas, so we can’t go blowing things up sort of in the middle of the night -which is what we’re gonna do. We couldn’t find any explosions or charges big enough for Bryan, so I went to the Australian military…” Bob incredously repeats: “Australian military?”, to which Guy says, “Yeah… yeah”, clearly thinking “it sucks, doesn’t it?” Heeeh! 

* Pyro boss Chris Murray says, “we had a team of about six and seven people, who all worked very hard and very well. We used new technology on this sequence, we used programmable detonators which means that each detonator has an identity and you can assign it a time. They’re intrinsically safe. It hasn’t been done before and it’s worked pretty well, and we’re really very happy”. I love how everyone is so devoted and glad to be working on this film; it just shows.

The magic of movies…

* We then see the shooting of that sequence, and it’s very impressive. Explosions are flying all around, and the stunt guys, dressed as cops, are doing their best to avoid the sparks. It looks really amazing. When the sequence is wrapped, the cars are completely smashed, and it’s all very good.

Rob Flanagan

* Cut to an interior set. A caption reads “November 2005” and we see Rob Flanagan, who plays the bank robber, challenging Bob’s camera. He’s a fantastic guy, and a really funny one, too! Bob zooms onto Brandon who says to him, “I never know how wide your lens is. I never know if sometimes I’m in the background making some goofy face…” Hee. Brandon? Goofy? Never ^^

* We see the actors rehearsing their scenes, in which Superman is walking straight towards the bank robber who’s firing a huge gun at him. Sometime later, Rob asks Bob some existential questions about Superman (“Is the red oxidizing? Why blue tights? Why not green tights? Why not yellow tights?”), while Bryan swears for the umpteenth time oncamera (“Just a bunch of croks running around, packing s*** onto a helicopter”). Manners, young man, manners! I know Bryan doesn’t qualify as a ‘young man’, but still… J.P. announces that this is, “day 143, and we’re on the rooftop, finishing our last day of main unit photography”. Jesus Christ. That’s a really long period. Bob asks him, “Is this the longest you’ve ever gone on a shoot?”, J.P. graciously answers that it is…

Guy (not) firing the gun…

* Cut to Bryan saying, “Machine that’s absurdly large. It’s absurd.” Well, you asked for it, genius! “Guy Dyas almost left it for me as a practical joke. Then I decided, ‘well, it’s Superman, we’ll make a big gun'”. We hear Bob say to Rob, “You get to do something we’ve never seen in a Superman movie or television show, ever. Which is you get to stick a gun in Superman’s face, pull the trigger and shoot Superman’s eye”. Hee! I love how Bob gets almost as geeky as Bryan. They’re all huge big geeks working on this film. We then see Bryan giving Rob directorial pieces of advice: “The rage you have to get at, from shooting to the point where you’re emptying the Minigun out, and you go right for his eye -it just has to be, like, blind rage”. Woohoo! I finally understood what the hell Bryan’s telling his actors 😀

Ready, set and…

* More on the actors’ impressions of this sequence: Brandon saying that the guy is “screwed” (it’s disturbing to hear a superhero curse, although you don’t technically hear the curse since things have to be kept PG-13 friendly), Rob saying that it “could be one of the most memorable parts of the film”. To the fanboys, it was indeed! More clips of rehearsal and shooting of the sequence. At one point, Bryan does this hilarious thing where he sets himself right in front of Bob’s camera in order to see his reflection (Bob: “Don’t do that”), puts his finger under one of his eye, starts to nod and goes like “aged, young; aged, young”. Hee, he can be pretty silly sometimes (most of the times).

* Brandon looks über-concentrated as he walks towards the bank robber. Director of photography Tom walks right behind him so he can see the lighting. Cut to Rob saying to Bob’s camera, “You asked earlier why I picked the eye. Well, my line is, ‘if the man cries, the man dies'”. It totally cracks me up -and the funniest thing is, he keeps a very straight face while delivering this totally laaaame joke.

* Cut to producer Gil Adler and Bob asking him “Can you give us a little summation of this experience to you? I mean, this is the biggest movie you’ve ever been involved in, right?”. Gil is clearly annoyed and does his best to ignore him, he doesn’t even answer. Cut to producer Chris Lee answering that very same question, “I feel like this is the first time that I’ve really been, on a day-to-day basis, totally immersed and involved in the process”. Cut back to Gil trying to escape Bob’s camera (hee, these two are the best), and Bob asking,”Has anything surprised you about this production?”, to which Gil answers, “Yeah, I obviously hired the wrong ‘videology’ guy” Heeee! Mean! (The correct term is ‘videography’).

* Back to the shooting of the bank robbing scene, and Bob’s interviewing the actors playing the security guards. “What’s going on through your mind when you come out that door? Do you thing you might die?” Hilariously, the first guard answers, “I’ve got a vision of a gorgeous girl up there”. The caption informs us that the second guard is actually Brandon’s cousin and assistant. He says, “Gotta try to hit my mark, make sure I pull the trigger and wait for my cousin to come and save me”. Aw! He looks every bit as cute as Brandon, I daresay.

* More footage of the scenes getting shot, and then, a strange silence and J.P. whispering to Bob’s camera: “It looks like a very simple shot, two actors sitting down, but oh my God, watch this”. We see Rob and Brandon sitting one in front of another, Rob holding the gun to Brandon’s eye. It’s all very silent and fasincating. Cut to Bryan watching behind his monitors. A soft Superman music plays out and a caption informs us that this is…

 * The tinkly theme of Lois and Superman’s difficult relationship starts playing, as Bryan says “Cut” to utter silence and emotion. He walks up slowly to Brandon while announcing on the mike: “Ladies and gentlemen, that’s a main-unit picture wrap for Brandon Routh”. Man, this is sort of hard to recap. They laugh and Brandon hugs Bryan happily, while the rest of the crew claps. Brandon bows respectfully to all, looking incredibly handsome in his Superman suit, and says “Thank you”. Tears come up in his eyes; Bryan immediately sends Bob’s camera away by saying something like “you’ve got some people to talk to, see –that’s people, that’s them”. The camera turns to the fifty or so crewmembers who are standing around.

The true spirit of Superman indeed…

* We hear Superman Returns‘ very soft closing credits theme (called “Reprise/Fly Away” by John Ottman) playing as Brandon speaks on the mike: “Hello everybody, good evening to those I haven’t said good evening to. I don’t know what to say but this has been an amazing experience for me. But I’d just like to thank you all for working so hard on this amazing film. There have been days when I have had… not good days for me, I’ve been emotionally distraught, I’ve been physically beat up, and I may not have been nice to some of you, so I apologise for that. No bad feelings, really. I was just being a little emotional, I’m an actor. I’m so flabbergasted by what we have done all together. It’s the true spirit of Superman and I’m so proud of… It takes this many people to make this happen. It is very special, so thank you all very much”. Huge round of clapping, and I’m a little teary because Brandon is so genuinely nice and… It is the true spirit of Superman, this film -it was, no matter what anyone might say. Bob comes up to Bryan, who still looks moved from what just happened. “So what do you have to say for yourself?”, asks Bob with his usual tact. “It’s not over”, Bryan says, “it’s not over…”, and he sounds like he really means it.

* “So what’s it’s like to work together?” … Bryan: “well, we’ve got some ADR” (It stands for Additional Dialogue Recording, which is when the actors read the lines individually so it can be dubbed onto the film without all the noises around. I didn’t know the director’s presence was necessary for this process… I guess Bryan’s just being very meticulous!). Brandon diplomatically says, “See the film!”. We have and will, Brandon ^^


* Ending credits roll as we see priceless bloopers from the film. We hear Superman’s triumphant theme playing, as Stephan Bender on rigs runs, runs, runs… and falls flat on his back. Heee! We see quick shots of James, Kate, Kevin, missing their takes and then Brandon, walking proudly and confidently in his Superman suit and… the music stopping right when he trips over something XD

* More bloopers, but God they’re so hard to recap because they’re just too funny XD Goofy music starts to play as we see Brandon as Clark, saying “Mom, it’s not easy for me to live there–” only to be interrupted by a very loud ringtone. We hear Bryan say, “Whoa. Cut. What the f***?” and Brandon continuing, “–when phones are ringing”. Hee. There’s another outstanding one in which James Marsden is carrying little Tristan and tells him, “close your eyes”. Tristan covers his ears with his hands, and James, realising his mistake, laughs it off and says in a hilarious tone,”Your eyes… Cyclops!”. At one point, we see loads of bloopers involving Sam Huntington, culminating in Frank Langella saying, “Olsen, you’re fired”. Heeee! The best one, though, is from Parker Posey, who says on her best bitchy tone, “Let’s just keep it open and just go. Isn’t this digital? So why are we cutting all the time?”. Kevin Spacey is laughing his arse off, and Bryan answers (off-camera) “Just to spare the editor”, to which Parker answers, “Spare me“. Heeee! “Sorry, I’m just in character”, she adds to general hilarity. We see more Lex bloopers, including one in which he actually kicks Brandon and says “Did I really hit you? I’m sorry. So sorry… Medic?”. Heee!

* Meanwhile, the special thanks credits keep rolling, and some familiar names come up: the producers Gil Adler, Jon Peters, Chris Lee, Thomas Tull, Stephen Jones, and then Mike Dougherty and Dan Harris, Tom Sigel, Guy Dyas, Jeffrey ‘J.P.’ Wetzel, Louise Mingenbach, Roger Mussenden, Mark Stetson, Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey, James Marsden, Frank Langella, Eva Marie Saint, James Karen, Sam Huntington, Parker Posey, Kal Penn, Tristan Lake Leabu, David Fabrizio, Jake Larson, Noel Neill, Alex Garcia, the entire crew of Superman Returns, more names I never heard of (including ‘the Kryptonian elders from Warner Home Video’ *lol*)… Goofy music stops, and we hear once again, the sad, tinkly theme of Lois and Superman, as the screen fades to black and the credit read: “Very Special Thanks from the 28 Known Galaxies to Bryan Singer“. I can assure you that this made me weep the first time I saw it. If there was some way I could thank Bryan, it would definitely be the way to go 😀 More seriously, I could never really say how much what Bryan did on this film means and speaks to me. Not to sound dramatic or mushy, but all the criticisms and bashing hit me pretty hard as far as Superman Returns was concerned, but it doesn’t take anything at all from the achievement, or what it means to me. And yeah, what can I say? Bryan’s been outstanding at directing this film, telling the story he wanted, and I believe he really did make the right choices, from the means of filming to the casting; it all just made sense. To my greatest regret, too few people saw that; the vision and the sensibility he brought to what was bound to be another action/fantasy flick. In my eyes, Superman Returns is not only Bryan’s most beautiful film so far, but also one of the best superhero films ever made.

* Aaaaaaand, last but not least, an authentic Marlon Brando blooper! We see Brando as Jor-El read his lines, and he finishes by saying: “Develop such conviction yourself, El-Al. Kal-El, Ralph, whatever your name may be”. Heeeeeee!

Well, that’s it, guys. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for movie news and DVD recap (next is the Little Miss Sunshine commentary, I believe)…