I'm back. For real…

Hello folks! Long time no see. Finally found the time to sit down for a wee while and write here.
I hope everyone’s been doing well and missing my long movie ramblings.
So what’s new for me. Not much really. Coming back after my year abroad (which by the way we haven’t documented in our blog as much as we wanted -ah well) is the weirdest, most bittersweet feeling. I feel different and everything, everyone feels different too. But it’s a positive kind of different. Let’s just say that meeting all these people, experiencing all these things…really changes you a person. So I couldn’t really explain it properly. And now you’re confused and asking yourself why the fuck did this blog become the diary of a teenager girl. Well, the truth is that I often feel the need to write about this stuff but then I’m struggling to do so. Sooooo what I’m trying to say is that, this year in New Zealand, it simply can’t be put into words and that’s why I can’t really write about it.

Okay, so let’s skip the awkward personal stuff then, shall we? Nothing wrong about talking about oneself I’m sure but then next thing you know I’ll be rambling about New Zealand, my future (or lackthere of) and going ‘blah blah my life me and myself blah blah’ to which you will probably answer ‘zzzzzzzzzz’.
I’ve seen plenty of movies since I came back and will post reviews soon. The very first film I saw coming back from NZ was The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, which is so ironic that I would laugh about it if I wasn’t so sad about leaving that country. Ha. Sucks to be me. Sometimes. Naaah, don’t worry, I know I’m really grateful I got to live such a beautiful experience so I won’t whinge about it, promise.

I will whinge, however, about the late release of the Dark Knight in France. Hullo, Warners? Why are you screwing us up so? What did we ever do to deserve this? Is this because our president is a midget? Seriously though. The Association of Christopher Nolan French Fans* is not happy.
*I just made this up
Update: Okay, so apparently the film’s release date has been moved and it’s now coming out in less than three days (Wednesday the 30th) but nothing has been officially confirmed. I’d like someone to tell me what the fuck’s up, because if it IS coming out in three days then I need some serious mental prep, cause it’s Batman, and it’s Mr Nolan. Also it would be coming out on the same day than Pixar’s Wall-E, which would made it a certain win for the Best Day You Could Ever Spend at the Movies. If it’s not coming out on Wednesday, then someone needs to get their ass kicked for starting such a daft rumour.
I know, I’m taking a deep breath. As you can see, being a hysterical Chris Nolan fan is a lot of work.

I also meant to write about the Watchmen trailer, that you can watch here.
I read Watchmen about two years ago. At the time, bouncing back from my Superman Returns frenzy, I went back to Superman’s “original universe” and managed to get my hands on Alan Moore’s works for DC. Because I loved those so much, I read Watchmen and I swear I didn’t know what hit me -I had just read the most phenomenal, fucked-up, visionary etc graphic novel ever. And Paul Greengrass, that other favourite director of mine, was scheduled to direct it, and it really looked like it was going to happen. But then Paramount were assholes and dropped it, and so Paul went on to direct United 93. Long story short, Warner Bros got the rights and gave the project to Zack Snyder, director of smash box-office phenomenon 300. And NOW it’s for real. So this trailer is a pretty big deal.
There’s no doubts that Snyder is a very talented, pretty nuts young director (and also a lovely bloke, if I might add. Not that I know him but he comes across as such. Anyway) but I don’t know what to make of it. I sort of love that the trailer doesn’t seem to make much sense and that it’s just teasing, very promising stuff. You can tell people know how to market this film though. Of course, Snyder seems to have gone through hell and back to get the tone and the visuals right, and that’s something you have to deeply admire when a director tackles a beloved comic-book/graphic novel adaptation, unlike others who don’t give a shit -and yes I will name names, that is Brett Ratner. But the trailer is also pretty damn confusing, which might alienate a part of the American audience who want their superhero films to be big and dumb, as opposed to complex and politically engaging, which is pretty much what Watchmen is about. I dunno what Zack Snyder will do about this, because the fanboys will slaughter him for making any compromises, but then again he’s directing a big-budgeted film for Warner Bros. Well, Watchmen will be released in March 2009, so we’ll see then.

With all this talk of Batman and Watchmen and whatnots, I wish I was in San Diego right now, where the 2008 Comic-Con International is being held. Yeah, it’s geek heaven -and almost as important as the Cannes Film Festival on the movie calendar I’d say. I’ll get there… someday.

The trouble with being me is that once I get started on writing about films, I can’t STOP. Sorry for such a long-winded post about basically nothing. I blame my English degree for making me write without any end.

In other news: Coldplay rule this planet –literally. And the singles chart too (look up the charts for July the 26th). They’re currently touring America and then coming to Paris in September, and I’ve got tickets. Expect mucho hysteria then! Viva La Vida has grown so much on me, I love it to bits. It’s so different from their previous stuff, yet very Coldplay-ish. I know it sounds contradictory but somehow they made it. And if someone says that Chris Martin’s a nutter, yeah well, that’s only because he’s a genius.

Next up: The Return of the Dreaded Monthly Review Post.