Review of the month: February/March

Awww I’ve been so bad at updating this blog. My apologies, as I’ve been busy with all sorts of school projects and uni whatnots lately.
Here are the reviews for the films I’ve seen these past months (I might have forgotten some of them, I’m not sure). But it’s a long read so brace yourself!

* I Love You Phillip Morris, directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. This dramatic comedy is quite unusual, I might say. Its rather serious and straightforward approach to homosexuality isn’t the only thing worth noticing, really. There’s plenty more, which comes as something of a surprise considering that it looks a bit superficial on the surface. Actually, Ficarra and Requa are devilishly good screenwriters, so the story never feels unbalanced or clumsy, even though it goes back and forth between drama and comedy.
The film tells the story of conman Steven Russell, played by an incredible Jim Carrey. Because he’s gay and he has to live it, Steven keeps cheating and lying into getting more money in any way he can. Eventually, he ends up in jail, where he meets Phillip Morris, played by a very enthusiastic and very blond Ewan McGregor. And that’s how their love story starts… In their own twisted way, the directors actually touch upon a lot of issues –and no, not gay/social/discrimination issues or anything; and that’s why the film’s genius. It’s how to be successful in life, how to keep the other person happy, the price of lying etc. more than anything else. Of course, these aren’t the most important issues ever treated in a film, but that’s the point –it’s these little things that make the film believable and engaging. And it doesn’t wallow in self-pity, which is always a good point. Add to that fantastic characters, laughs and tears all around, and that’s pretty much what this film has to offer.
Also, Jim Carrey’s performance is one of the bravest and most surprising one I’ve seen this year. Kudos to him then, who’s so very underestimated in his best roles.
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