I’m still alive, haven’t given up on blogging yet!

But I apologise for not updating it in so long, I promise I will try to update my reviews during the Christmas break (yeaaaah right). But my very good excuse is that I haven’t seen most of the films I’ve wanted to see this end of year (most prominently, the Artist, the Help, Carnage, etc.), so I’m waiting for the opportunity to catch these soon and report back here.

In the meantime, today was the announcement of the Screen Actors Guild nominations, which do not have the most interesting categories in my opinion (Director, Cinematagrophy and Score) but still give good indication of what’s happening in this year’s awards season. Once again the Weinstein Company is all over the place, which is never a good sign. But a few surprises here and there nonetherless. I predict the quality of this year’s race won’t be as good as last year’s but there’s still plenty of time until March.

Until then folks…