Academy Awards winners, 2014

So I realise that in my shameful laziness I did not write this post last year –too bad, because I did love Lincoln and Argo and all the great films that won last year. But anyway, here it is, a brand new year, and boy was this one incredibly close! So let’s get to it!

Best Picture
12 Years a Slave
American Hustle
Captain Phillips
Dallas Buyers Club
The Wolf Of Wall Street

This is nothing short of incredible, and well done to the Academy for being on the right side of history, FOR ONCE. 12 Years a Slave truly is an achievement, in the grandest sense of the word –it’s a proper work of art, a painful reflection on one of modern societies’ thorniest issues, a brutal masterpiece. Yet for the longest time it seemed that Gravity would win this one –especially after the Venice screening, and then both films splitting the Producers Guild Award was an omnious sign of how close this race was. But in the end I believe 12YS prevailing over Gravity is the right choice –for its artistic merit, sure, but also for the tremendously positive message this sends out there. So all in all a very satisfying win indeed. I must say this year’s nominees are incredibly strong films, some perhaps less so than others but still, yet another year of amazing filmmaking.

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