Academy Awards nominees, 2015

Here are my thoughts on this year’s nominees. Apologies if a lot will sound like rambling/venting.

Best Picture
American Sniper
Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)
The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Imitation Game
The Theory of Everything

I’ll start by saying that I really don’t understand why this category was expanded –after the dismal and outrageous absence of the Dark Knight in 2008, the Academy decided to change the rules and expand the category –up to ten films can now make it in there, but WHAT’S THE POINT IF IT’S TO IGNORE CHRISTOPHER NOLAN’S FILM AGAIN? Ugh. In twenty years’ time, will people remember Interstellar or American Sniper? Sorry, I haven’t seen American Sniper, so maybe I’m being a bit unfair but I’m fed up with these choices. Birdman has artistic merit, but as a film? Very hard to make sense of. The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything seem like such obvious Oscar choices, and don’t get me wrong because I loved them both (one more than the other) but as entities, as films, it’s hard to think they will leave their mark on cinema… I’m glad Boyhood, Whiplash, the Grand Budapest Hotel and potentially Selma, which I haven’t seen, are here to fly the flag for independent, visionary film-making. And I’m relieved it does, I will be very relieved to see Boyhood triumph over all the other nominees as the Best Pic winner; there’s a small comfort in that. Because Boyhood is such an astounding piece of storytelling, and most of all, because it has such emotional strength in the way it connects with the audience –I’ll be really glad if the Academy are able to recognise that, just to prove that they’re not completely out of touch with the outside world and modern audiences. So happy Whiplash made it in also, it is hands down my second pick amongst all of the nominees.

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